Essential Stretches You Need To Do

So you want to get in shape! This may involve you wanting to better at running, losing weight, becoming better at crossfit or just being alot stronger and leaner.
Are you one of the thousands of people who go out the door and go for a run and do no stretching or mobility work before or after the run itself other than a few very basic meaningless stretches?
Do you walk in to a gym lift heavy and walk back out again?
What I tend to find is that a VERY small amount of people want to put in the mobility work to get them there.
Why because it sounds boring and just plain not sexy!
Mobility and stretching is a pillar or foundation which is ESSENTIAL in your journey to getting to where you want to go.
My next blog post will give you some great stretches which will help you move and perform better at what you do!

Change One Meal At A Time For Long Term Fat Loss

Have you went from eating crap to having a perfect diet in one week and struggled with the change and slowly went back to square one? Maybe its because you have not built a solid foundation and need to slow down, make more subtle, smaller changes over a longer period of time. Rome was not built in a day. To make sustainable inroads towards your goal we must take proactive steps, but make sure that they are subtle and small changes which develop into sustainable habits.