Embrace The Day: Getting Up And Working Out Early

In Life, Very few people have too MUCH time. For most, time is a scarce commodity, and it can be the make or break factor with progress in our strength and Conditioning pursuits. Morning training can and is a pretty simple solution to a very common problem. Put simply, It’s a way to ensure a good level of consistency and comparability. What’s more, very few commitments ask for your morning and if they do, they’re rare. In comparison, your evening can sometimes be up for debate. 5pm has come and gone, 7pm is a distant memory and the pile of papers is building, not diminishing or you have com home and eastenders has just started – your squat session just got cancelled. Sound familiar?

Your Fitness Journey: How to Get Started, Stay Motivated and Embracing It

You should always embrace change & welcome challenges in your fitness journey. Your biggest fear should not be the unknown ahead of you, but becoming complacent and stagnant in what you do now. Sure it takes effort to never give up on yourgoals, but there are huge benefits attached to your effort.
And never confuse good planning with good luck. To achieve anything worthwhile, plan out ahead and push towards your goals relentlessly. That’s a lot different than jumping headlong into a risk and ensures success. Your health journey is a calculated investment of time & resources and you will, and should, expect results.

The Missing 10%: Supplements To Help you!

Supplements ARE important but if you take a good look at this pyramid, they are not as important as some people make you think. This is a pyramid which the building blocks are energy balance which is calories in/ Calories out and also macro-nutrients (percentage of food you eating from protein/fat/carbohydrates). The roots of all this are based on your behaviour and lifestyle (activity level, stress, sleep etc…). Before you even worry about supplements get all these nailed down