What to expect from DL FITNESS Personal Training


We have all paid for a service in which we were not satisfied with. It is important that customers get a good outline of what they should expect when looking to avail of a service. Here at DL FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING, we aim to be as transparent as possible, so you know exactly what to expect.

I run through it here.

What to Expect:


Outside hours contact – I will communicate with you to ensure any problems arising we can manage. Eating out with friends, social gatherings. etc. It’s important that you have a life extended beyond your fat loss goals but continue to progress and that you learn to manage a sustainable plan going forward.

Initial Nutritional analysis – It’s important we get a full grasp of your nutritional habits as they stand. This gives us the scope and direction for all important improvements.


Weekly goal setting – Progress and achieving your goals is at the forefront of our plan. Between us we will plan weekly goals revolving around your nutritional behaviours and habits ensuring you are constantly improving and progressing.


cropped-img_20160712_221731.jpgSuggested two one-on-one sessions a week – In the onset to assist you with support and your compliance regular contact is better. This ensures you have time to learn and become habitual with good practices (You don’t need me forever). Each session will typically last one hour and will have three pillars: Mobility (Helping you move better), Strength (Bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells) and conditioning (Working up a sweat, getting your body moving)

Weekly Nutritional Updates – We will assess what you feel works within your plan and what doesn’t. We will make sure you enjoy the food you’re consuming and it’s ultimately achieving your goal of fat loss.

bodyfattestAssessment – Should you wish to have your composition assessed I can arrange for this to be done by Weight, measurements and also optionally body fat testing. Body Fat testing starting off largely isn’t needed as the goal is aesthetic not statistical. As a trainer if we get this right your progress will be notable through the clothes you wear.

Some testimonials you may find useful here.


€50 Per session.

Block Book For Best Value – €450 for 10 sessions (must be paid in full upon commencement)




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