Staying consistent over the summer months:

Staying consistent over the summer months:

So, the summer is upon us and what happens?

We drop off from the gym after acquiring our “summer bods” and lose focus and motivation.

But if you have read over some of my previous articles you will have noticed a common theme around them all:



It’s so easy to find an excuse during the summer with loads of distractions and interferences to throw you off guard.

The goal is to stay consistent over a twelve-month period and not just nine months of the year.

If you can’t make the gym during the summer that is fine, but, there is plenty you can be doing during the summer months.

This article intends to give you ideas on what you can do to stay consistent over those long summers nights.


The Cause:

There are as I said earlier, many reasons why we tend to let our fitness take a backseat during the summer months.

  • Childminding – Childminding for a lot parents can be a very difficult and expensive job and during the summer is made even more difficult during the summer.
  • Holidays Abroad – The summer is the prime time for people to go abroad for holidays to escape the inconsistent weather we have, which means we can tend to cancel our gym memberships and lose a lot of focus on our nutrition which can make things all the harder when we come back.
  • Lack of motivation – For many reasons we lose motivation for the gym. Loss of direction, good weather, holidays, broken promises from gyms etc…
  • No long-term goals – Our goals and result of them tend to revolve around the summer holidays, weddings, the new year and we often lose track, complete them or not. We lose the will or want to continue or create new ones during the summer and can often just let things slide in the summer months until the new school term arrives.

Now these are generalisations. Not everyone loses track during the summer months. Some highly motivated people cannot let the summer months effect their goals and dreams. But, these people are in the minority. Why do you think so many people go crazy for the new year’s resolutions? It’s not a build-up of bad habits from just the Christmas, but, from the months prior, which can often stem from the summer months and then not getting back on track.

So what do you do?



Crush the Week, Enjoy the Weekend:

We work hard all week, and a relaxing weekend is well-deserved. I’m not saying to forgo our fitness goals entirely, but every now and then our body AND mind need a break. If we focus on crushing small goals throughout the week, it can make going into the weekend feeling like it’s something we have earned. Make appointments with yourself to hit the gym after work every day, and hold yourself accountable in doing so! As I said before 80/20 is a good rule to go by. Eat 100% clean 80% of the time and then save the 20% for a little of you like.


Being disciplined with you nutrition and fitness allows you a little more freedom for the things you like. Read more in my article here.

Cooking Temptations:

There is no denying how tempting and delicious all the treats are when you hit up a friend or neighbour’s BBQ. Ensure there will be healthy alternatives by volunteering to bring a fun fruit and veggie platter, fresh salad or chicken skewers! Another tip is to have a healthy snack before you go, so you don’t show up feeling hangry and ravenous and attack the first potato salad bowl or a six pack of bundys you lay eyes on. Also try to stay adequately hydrated and avoid getting seconds if you can.


One Drink Can’t Hurt… Right?

You’re absolutely right! There is nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying a few cold ones. However, it’s important that we are conscious of making good decisions when picking our drink of choice. If possible, we want to avoid sugary mixed drinks like daiquiris and margaritas- in addition to the sugar overload, they’ll make for a mean hangover the next day. A general rule of thumb is that “the clearer the better” in choosing alcohol, meaning that vodka, gin, and light beers are a lot better for your body than heavy alternatives like whiskey and sugary mixed drinks. Speaking of beer, it’s no secret that most beers are loaded with carbs and calories. And while we’re tossing back cold ones, also remember to stay hydrated with some good ol’ H2O!


Have A Goal To Keep You Motivated:

As I said earlier its very common to lose track of where we are and where we want to go as there are so many distractions at this time of the year. So sign up to a race for example, there are plenty of 5/10Km road races during the summer, it will keep your focus throughout the summer and help you stay on track with your health and fitness.


And Last But Not Least:

Just stay active! Walk or bike instead of driving somewhere if possible. Trade in your dinner and a movie date night for a jog through the park or a free parkrun. Just by making small, conscious choices, we can stay consistent over the summer months.


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