Going Vegetarian, Thoughts and observations

Going Vegetarian….

So since December 25th I have tried the vegetarian diet.


– Not because it maybe trendy at the moment to be vegan/vegetarian

– Not for ethical or environmental reasons

– Not because I was brainwashed by what the health et al…

But for me, simply because I wanted to increase my veg intake! I know, I know there are far more easier ways to increase my veg intake but it was getting ridiculous. I would sit down and eat meat and meat only for my dinner. I got lazy and had the vegetable intake that was pathetic.

So I have increased my vegetable intake and taken out meat and fish for the time being just as a little experiment.

Here are my observations of the last 5-6 weeks:

(Note: these are my own opinions and observations, these are not based around scientific fact and are at best anecdotal)

– Without eggs I would have been lost!

– There is so many options out there for vegans/vegetarians now! Gone are the days when it was a niche market and was not really known of like back in the day when my mum and dad were vegetarian/vegan 25 years ago before it was “cool” or mainstream!

– With options like in all areas come a lot of junk and poor food choices which can help or hinder your progress.

– I have tried my best to avoid junk vegetarian/ vegan food and stick to the basics.

– I have not gone off dairy and never will. (Milk/Cheese/Yoghurts are awesome!), I feel almond milk is a very inferior product (Water with 3-4% almonds? No thanks!) unless you go for a pure version which costs an arm and a leg!

– If you are training regularly like me, supplementing with a protein is a MUST!

– Creatine has definitely helped also!

– I have found it quite difficult to sustain satiety without meat but volume through vegetables has helped!

– It takes alot more prep in the kitchen which I have enjoyed. The art of chopping vegetables is a great relaxer believe it or not!

– Quorn mince is just not mince meat, no matter what you serve with it!

– It is so easy to go to town on carbohydrates! Fine when you are training 6 days a week like me but for the average joe, not so helpful! Definitely have go to quality protein sources!

– I haven’t missed meat that much. The only meat I have missed is beef. It really is great as a country we have nearly all grass fed beef which as a country is some of the highest standard beef in the world. Chicken, turkey, pork I have not missed so much but again this has not been an ethical crusade at all!

– There definitely has been a lot of undeserved stigma around vegetarian and vegan diets caused by a select few extremists and I think that is down a lot to the propaganda in which movies such as “What the health” etc… has brought out. DO NOT, go to these for your education but rather educate yourself and make informed decisions. I do not intend to be a lifelong vegetarian, But it definitely will be more of the basis of my food. More vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds and some meat when I want it.

– I think as a population we rely to heavy on poor meat products like we do with all food products. It’s like anything quality food wins out at the end of the day and being a vegetarian is no different. You can live off quinoa crisps and vegan ice cream all you like but it really needs to be based off Real food products first and foremost!

– I think being open minded is essential when it comes to food. Too many of us go one way or the other without experiencing different tastes, foods and cultures. I happened to be brought up in a household that I experienced the best of vegan,vegetarian, african, west indian, indian, european foods. It has really shaped my love for food and i think having an open mind helps in the world of food and nutrition.

I hope you found this somewhat informative and if you have any comments please leave them below.

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