Lessons from a 32 year old.

IMG_20190704_181700_515.jpgToday is my 32nd birthday.

And I have a story to tell.

You may or may not have heard it before but I believe it’s poignant and hopefully someone out there will either take something from it or may take action because of it.

I was ashamed.

10 years ago was the beginning of my journey.

Weighing 110 ish kilos, I was low on confidence and self esteem, no level of fitness and I was 22!

I had been through a whirlwind three years where I got my first choice in college, and dropped out after the first year and then was a 20 year old dad which I was not expecting.

Between all this I was working alot of mad shifts in work and I did not look after myself. I ate burger King most mornings after the night shift and I was just self sabotaging.

I was eating vast quantities of foods, had no great knowledge on what to do to help myself and tried every diet out there but to no avail.

There was a pretty repetitive cycle of try, fail, try, fail etc…

It was very repetitive and extremely frustrating.

I felt I had no control over my outcomes.

I tried to run but was very heavy and out of breath, started eating healthy but never stuck to it, I felt helpless and I thought there was no way out.

It may sound like a different person or overly dramatic but this was my reality in 2009.

The point of this post is to give context to where I was.

I know some of you reading this maybe at this point.

Taking ownership of your health and fitness is such a powerful thing.

I became a coach to help and empower people to do the same as I did.

Its was not an easy process but on this day, I have no regrets about any of it.

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