DL Fitness was set up to give clients a honest, straight forward approach to training. We offer a number of options to clients:

About David:


David is passionate about health, wellness and happiness. His own weight loss of over 25Kilos has given him the experience and drive to dive head first into the fitness industry. Having been 107Kg and overweight he needed to make a change originally starting out attending Personal Training sessions, he was introduced to Crossfit in 2012 and never looked back.

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While he earned ITEC Diplomas in Gym Instruction and fitness studio teaching from

Sallynoggin College of Further Education, he worked, as a personal trainer filling in at his

friends’ fitness facility. Through his journey he has been exposed to many specialties to enhance

his ability to help his clients. He specializes in Strength, Weight Loss and Sports Therapy. He has

also a good knowledge of nutrition having studied it for a year in UCD and 3 years in

Sallynoggin and working with clients to help improve their nutritional habits.



David trains all age groups, from 16 years to 65 years young, underweight and overweight

clients. He is passionate about improving life – through positive lifestyle choices and good quality

coaching. He is also an avid blogger with over 30 blog posts written to date! David passed his

CrossFit Level 1 cert to further his knowledge of CrossFit and to coach at FSM. He is also

attended Seminars from Dan John to Juggernaut Training Systems. He currently runs FSM

Bootcamp and is a Personal Trainer with a variety of services available.






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