Calling ALL Moms!

Are you looking to get in shape?

Have you lost direction?

Do you need Accountability?

A proven Training Program?

And Nutritional Support?

Are you a gym member but can’t commit to Personal Training?

Then MOMFIT Online Training Might Be the Perfect Fit For You!


Starting with a consultation with me which will go through some of the basics and this is what I cover on the program:

Mobility assessment – mobility is essential to see where your limitations lie and also where you have good areas too, to help me understand where you are at! Some help here too, to get you started!

Body analysis – This an area I test/retest with all my clients  every 6 weeks. And is a good tool to see if you are following the plan and doing what is required to see results.

-Nutrition support – I will be there to support you with your nutrition through guidance and this will also require you to log your food. This will allow me to see the bigger picture of your nutrition and lifestyle. Some articles on my nutritional approaches here and here.


Movement assessment – To see how you can preform fundamental movements (squat, press etc..) and how to improve them throughout the course of the program with exercises to assist you with this.

Structured and personal workouts – I will send a weekly schedule of the program through email . This helps keep you accountable and also maximizes contact with you which leads to better RESULTS. Results are important after all! Why are you not getting results currently? It maybe down to a few of these factors.

Monthly 1/1 PT session – Once a month check up session to see how you are progressing in ALL areas: Strength, Mobility, Measurements and Nutrition.

Cost is €60 Euro per month/€600 a year

If you feel that this program is something that you need then get in touch to organise a free call.