Recipe Books

I am happy to now announce a new service which is the missing link between you getting good to getting great lasting results.

Our recipe books are released every single month with 30 new delicious recipes which will delight your taste buds, while helping you hit your nutrition goals.

All recipes include professional photographs with easy to follow instructions, calorie and macronutrient information and even have a very handy my fitness pal barcode to take all the effort out of tracking these wonderful recipes!

Get started now.

But that’s not all!

By purchasing a recipe book you will also receive 4 survival guides to some of the nations favourite eating chains. So take the guess work out of eating out and understand how the menu looks from a calorie and macronutrient breakdown point of view!

We do not ask for subscriptions or direct debits we just ask for one fee per recipe book!

The cost of these in printed form would retail at €28! But to save the planet and save your pocket we are retailing these at just €9.99!!!

So follow the below payment link, simply type in €9.99 to the payment link and your email address and we will personally send your order direct to your email inbox.

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