Vicky Nolan

Every time the New Year rolled around I would say the same thing; “I’m going to get fit and healthy and have the body I want this year.”, and every year my “healthy diet” and “exercise” would last about a week with no real results.  Joining a gym hadn’t helped me fare much better in the past either, as although there were trainers at the gym there was no one to one interaction or advise and so I got lazy and gave up.  While I have always seen the value of investing in yourself I was wasting hundreds of euro at a time and getting nowhere.

In December of 2016 I came upon David’s post about starting an eight week programme for a small group of ladies in the New Year.  It seemed to be just what I needed – and it absolutely has been!

From the very first session David recognised my strengths and weaknesses and has worked with me on both to ensure that I get the workout I need to strengthen every part of my body and also that I enjoy what I’m doing. 

David recognises that everyone is different and one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to getting the best out of people.  He has pushed me to limits I didn’t know I could reach, all the while being mindful of what my body can handle. 

Evens still there is often times when I get home from work and the last thing I want to do is go back out, let alone work out.  As tough as those workouts are I always feel (and sleep) great afterwards.  David recognises exactly what it takes to motivate each individual.

Even outside of the gym David has been great, regularly keeping in touch with the group to see how everyone is doing, and providing advice on diet and nutrition, recovery and home workouts.  He has been so accommodating with the group regarding our mix of schedules also.

Thanks to all of his help I have lost pounds and inches, and gained strength of body/mind and confidence.

Working out started out as just another New Year’s resolution, but now the workouts are part of my weekly routine and I wouldn’t be without them.  That’s all thanks to David making me realise that exercise doesn’t have to be boring, that there are always new goals to aim for and reach, and because of the noticeable results I have achieved in the last few weeks.

Anita Gunn

I joined the class with Dave to try get myself motivated to start some sort of an exercise program as I was going home in the evening, after a long day in work & basically sitting on my bum doing nothing. 

The class was tough at times & even after 8 weeks I still find some of it tough but he’s a good motivator & goes through everything with you & helps you along if you’re doing anything wrong. 

He also suggested using an app to record what you’re eating etc which I found very useful & definitely made me think about what I was eating. 

I know try to get out for a 50 minute walk most evenings, well except for when I do the class. I’m only fit for bed after that 😄 I’ve lost some weight on the scales so I would definitely recommend him for either the short term to kick start you or for the long term to keep yourself on track.

From a happy client, Anita Gunn 👍🏻

Darren Brien

Due to recurring injuries I haven’t trained properly in approximately 7yrs . I took up one of Dave’s brilliant offers for personal training and it has to be the best move I have made regarding regaining my fitness.

The sessions have been focused, enjoyable and rewarding. I had previously used commercial gyms but like loads of other people I ended up lost and just going through the motions and eventually dropping out due to the lack of attention / programmes in the commercial gyms. Due to Dave’s experience I have improved ALL my techniques in the gym, which really do make things easier and goals more achievable.

Within a matter of weeks I have dropped over a stone without starving myself – again down to Dave’s advise. I’m taking a few weeks off training due to surgery but the biggest compliment I can pay to Dave is that I’ve booked another personal training programme with him once I’m fit enough to return to training. I would highly recommend Dave as a coach / trainer. The best thing I’ve ever done !!!


Darren Carroll


12 week personal training programme-

 pt guys

12 weeks ago I was lucky enough to be chosen to complete a 12 week personal training challenge. The programme entailed following the ROG dietary plan and completing 12 x1 hour PT sessions.

On a weekly basis I received phone calls and emails from David checking up on how I was doing and he answered and advised me on any questions I may have had regarding food or meal choices. This was really helpful and I just had to make some small changes to my diet which I thought was brilliant because I didn’t feel I was neglecting myself of too many of my favourite things. The big thing for me was giving up drinking Coke Zero and even though it proved difficult at the start, I didn’t miss it after the second week.

David introduced us to some new stretches, exercises and workouts every week and it varied weekly which was both enjoyable and challenging. Working as part of a small group was a great experience as the focus was on us alone and David could really watch and advise us during workouts. I chose to take part in David’s FSM bootcamp too and this really pushed me every week.

Every 4 weeks David weighed and took measurements and I could really see from the photographs the difference the weekly workouts were making.

I’m delighted that I was chosen to take on the PT challenge and over the weeks I could feel my fitness levels increasing greatly. I went from holding a plank on week 1 for 27 seconds to holding it for 2min 58, as well as breaking my fitness test to under 1 minute. I’m absolutely thrilled and have proved to myself that little changes in daily routine really do make a difference. My aim and New  Year’s resolution is to continue with the workouts, break more personal bests and enjoy every minute of it.

Karen Keane

FSM BOOTCAMP member Bridie Hester

bridie pic

Her journey shows that if you stay the course you will see great results, it is a marathon and not a sprint. Here is her insight into her journey in bootcamp!
Approximately 6 months ago I started David’s “Women’s Only Bootcamp” at FSM
in Bray.
Even though I would have considered my lifestyle as quite “active” with
horseriding and walking the dogs on a regular basis I was still nervous to
begin this camp.
I had put on weight that I wanted to lose and also had high cholesterol and
arthritis in my knees.
I kept thinking “would i be able for it” – “would it be too much for me” ??
The whole idea of a bootcamp was new to me so I went in clueless as to what
was involved……
The facility is lovely – bright, spacious and clean.
In the beginning I found running (even short distances ie 200m) very
difficult – having to stop along the way. Push ups and sit ups were a no
go for me….
Not being able to do some basic movements can be quite deflating to your
confidence in your own ability.
This is where I cannot compliment David enough as a Coach. He is extremely
motivating, encouraging you to push your limits in each session. He
explains each movement/exercise in detail along the way. He not only goes
through the physical activity but also encourages good nutrition – giving
great tips on what to eat and, of course, what not to eat !
His experience shines through as he coaches with ease creating a very
friendly and fun atmosphere.
Six months down the line I can see major improvements in myself – I have
lost a significant amount of weigh/ toned body, my cholesterol has gone
right down and my mobility has really improved.
Running, sit ups and push ups are no longer a struggle for me and have so
much more energy.
I look forward to each session every week and am looking forward to
commencing another 6 week cycle commencing 23rd June.
I highly recommend David as a Coach for results, support and fun along the

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